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Volunteer profile - Noreen Buckley

Photo of Noreen in red jumper and tartan scarf
Noreen Buckley - star Muddy Puddles Volunteer

This month we profile another outstanding Muddy Puddles volunteer, Noreen Buckley. Noreen has over 40 years' experience working in the health industry both in Ireland and in Australia covering areas such as paediatrics and medical pathology. 

Born and bred in Ireland, Noreen immigrated to Australia in 1988 and lived in Canberra with her husband and three children while working at Canberra hospital for over 24 years. Noreen and her husband retired to Batemans Bay for a life of sun, surf and of course golf which some would say is her number one passion.

It was on the golf course where she originally heard of Muddy Puddles. Noreen had already explored a number of not-for-profit organisations in the area looking to give some of her time as a volunteer. Her golfing buddy, Beja Smith was volunteering for Muddy Puddles and suggested that Noreen join the group.

Noreen is a fun-loving individual who has taken a particular interest in our fundraising activities and assists whenever she can. She states that she enjoys the company, meeting new people, having a laugh of course while at the same time being able to give her time to a very worthwhile organisation.

I think we have got “Buckley's” chance of getting anyone with a greater sense of humour than Noreen.


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