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At Muddy Puddles we take our responsibility to provide a quality service seriously. We have in place policies and guidelines to ensure a positive and consistent service experience. Click on the links below to understand your rights and what you should expect at Muddy Puddles. If you require any further information about our policies and processes, please contact us.

Terms of Service
Rights and Responsibilities

Privacy Statement

Feedback and Complaints

Feedback and Complaints flowchart

Incident Management flowchart


Muddy Puddles Code of Conduct

NDIS Code of Conduct

Telepractice Consent

Telepractice Group Programs Consent

Duty of Care Policy
Child Protection Policy
Supervision of Children Policy
Service Access Policy
Cultural Safety and Diversity Policy
Community Participation and Social Inclusion Policy
Valued Role Policy
Individual Planning and Service Coordination Policy
Advocacy and Support Policy
Information Privacy Policy
Incident Management and Reporting Policy

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