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Ideas for low cost/low risk consumables and AT

The NDIS funds consumables and assistive technology that provides the support a person with a disability might use to reach their potential at home, in the community and the workplace and in so doing work towards reaching the goals outlined in their NDIS plan.

As each situation is different, make sure you clarify clearly why you need an item and tie everything back to the goals and needs described in your child's NDIS plan.

The NDIS AT and Consumable Code Guide lists commonly used assistive technology (AT) and consumable supports. For more information on Assistive Technology, and what is considered consumables, a guide can be found here on the NDIS website. This guide is valid from 1 July 2019.

If you would like to discuss your child’s individual needs and consumables/AT that may be appropriate to their individual NDIS plan, please contact Muddy Puddles on 4472 6939 to arrange an appointment with one of our occupational therapists.

Alternatively, please contact your LAC to discuss your child’s NDIS plan.

Below are some ideas of items you may be able to claim using your consumables funding:

Washable continence products

Modibodi period proof underwear


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