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App’s for children with a disability/developmental delay

Following on from our post last week, we have included some additional app's that may help support development, particularly in younger children.

(Note: These apps have not necessarily been trialed by Muddy Puddles and this blog is not an endorsement of the app)

Super Why! Suitable for ages 3+

This PBS Kids app allows your child to go on a hunt identifying letters with Alpha Pig, trace letters with Princess Presto, practice rhyming words with Wonder Red, and help Super Why himself select words to finish a story. Dani, mom of 8-year-old Brodie says, "Reading is Brodie's splinter skill, but her comprehension doesn't match her reading ability." The Super Why app offers fill-in-the-blank games within each story, so it improves reading comprehension because of the familiar stories and characters.

Agnitus -- Games for Learning Suitable for ages 4+

This app offers a variety of interactive games, some of which focus on identifying and matching shapes, colors, letters, and managing self-help skills. Your kids will love playing "Icky Bathtime Fun," a game that teaches hygiene lessons such as showering and tooth brushing. Many of the games feature either Olly or Icky, cute and mischievous characters, and the app tracks your child's performance level. A "report card" provides detailed reports on study time and completed skills, which is useful to determine strengths and weaknesses.

Toca Boca Suitable for ages 5+

Let your child apply a bandage or examine a patient with Toca Doctor, send out invitations and set a table with Toca Birthday Party, or cut, color, and style hair with the Toca Hair Salon -- just a few user-friendly apps in the Toca Boca app series. Many of the apps take real-life scenarios and allow children to create their own stories. The apps provide "great interaction, appealing characters, and role play,"


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