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It's official! Good news for the Basevi family

For Muddy Puddles Board member and Volunteer, Bernie Basevi, last week was very special. On Tuesday 28 May Bernie and his wife Liz officially adopted their daughter Jade. The adoption process took two years and was well worth the time and effort. Twelve-year-old Jade is over the moon with the outcome. When asked about how she feels about being adopted, she says “I’m very happy”.

Bernie, Liz and Jade were joined by other family members at the Supreme Court in Sydney to make the adoption official. After years of preparation, it took only ten minutes in court to finalise the process. The Basevi’s were also supported by their foster care agency Mackillop Family Services and the adoption representative from the Department of Family and Community Services in Batemans Bay.

Liz and Bernie say “this is one of the best things we’ve ever done”. The couple began as foster parents to Jade when she was eight years old. After two years they decided to proceed with adoption as they felt this was the best avenue for Jade to have the security she needed in her life. The Basevi’s encourage anyone who is thinking about foster care and adoption to discuss the possibilities with a local foster care agency, saying “there are so many kids needing support”. Bernie and Liz have already raised several children of their own who are now adults and say “age is not a barrier when it comes to foster care and adoption”.


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